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What are the different psychedelic drugs?




Let us first point out that there are “classic” psychedelics and other related substances, which also have psychoactive effects. The classic molecules all have one thing in common: they exert their effect by interacting with serotonergic receptors in the nervous system. These are psilocybin, the active ingredient in hallucinogenic mushrooms, LSD, mescaline from the peyote cactus, and tryptamines, which are found in ayahuasca or in the secretions of certain toads. The other best-known substances are ibogaine, which has been talked about because it helps reduce the drug addiction crisis (heroin, cocaine, alcohol, etc.), ketamine and MDMA (ecstasy); they are not psychedelics in the classical sense of the term but they have similar therapeutic applications.

For example, MDMA is an "empathogen", a molecule that produces an experience of emotional openness, empathy with others. It is, moreover, the most technologically advanced molecule: it could probably be authorized as a drug in the United States in 2021. As for ketamine, already on the market, it is a low-dose hallucinogen and a high dose anesthetic. There are also hundreds of synthetic substances derived, created mainly by the chemist Alexander Shulgin.

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Does the word "psychedelic" mean hallucinogenic?

We saw these drugs as a path to the unconscious, a path more intense and faster than the "royal path" of dreams described by Freud. The psychedelic experience is unpredictable and differs greatly depending on the person, the dose and the context: it can be both stimulating and calming, sometimes positive or even sublime ("heaven"), sometimes negative or even appalling ("hell" )… In any case, perceptions and consciousness can be profoundly altered.Legal psychedelics is valid in most of the countries.

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Is that their only common point?

In fact, classical psychedelics, even if they are different chemical molecules, have the same mode of action (on the serotonergic system) and similar effects on cognitive and perceptual functions as well as on consciousness. These substances have been known for millennia by the indigenous populations who use them and have linked them to the feeling of sacredness, of visions, of divine, hence the term "entheogene", which is today preferred to that of "Hallucinogenic".

In some cases, legal psychedelics in usa can provoke very deep experiences, qualified as “paroxysmal”, even “mystical”, in the current scientific literature. Far from being anecdotal, this dimension of transcendence would also play a fundamental role in the therapeutic process. The best legal psychedelics modify attention, decision-making, memory, perception of time and space, sensorimotor perceptions (vision, hearing, touch, olfaction, balance, sense of the body). And disturb various dimensions of consciousness: the narrative aspects, thoughts linked to the self, the sense of agency (the feeling that one controls one's actions), the autobiographical aspects, the awareness of one's body, of one's position in space…

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