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How to grow your PsilocybeCubensis mushroom bread?




The loaves are inoculated with spores in rooms with strict hygienic measures, to avoid contamination of the mycelium by other kinds of fungi.

The spores come from other countries, generally with temperate and tropical or subtropical climates.

The PsilocybeCubensis species are endemic in several countries, such as Mexico, Cambodia, Thailand, Ecuador, North America, Colombia, Brazil, etc.


Although hybrids created in laboratories are also used, to improve their potency and increase productive performance.

Basically, in every country in the world, some species of Psilocybe, or Psychedelic mushroom, grows wild.


Treatment of mushroom breads

The mushroom bread kits contain the mycelium in the development phase, it does not contain psilocybin, it will be created during fruiting.


how long do shrooms stay in your system:The cultivation of homemade mushrooms, even using a buy tupper with the mycelium already developed, is susceptible to being contaminated by other fungi.


Hence, these are made under the strictest hygienic and aseptic conditions.


The simple contact with your skin, hair or breath, can infect your mycelium with other fungi, and spoil your investment.

It is advisable to handle the penis envy muchroom strain Tupper with the mycelium with great care, to avoid contamination and waste.


It is best to open it by putting on a paper mask that holds your breath, as well as using clean and new latex gloves.

psilocybecubensis grow kit: The magic mushroom grow kits come with a container with mycelium, a bag / greenhouse, 2 closing clips and 1 instruction manual.


With the content of the kit, we have everything we need to fructify your mycelium, and obtain several crops.

You can use a cuttings propagator as a greenhouse, which will be better as a space and fruiting method.

Bread usually yields 3-4 crops before it fades and dies, of which the first 2 are the largest.


Steps needed to get mushrooms with the kit

Basically, the mycelium requires a high humidity (80%), and a temperature between 20-24 Cº, practically as required to propagate cuttings.


When opening the lid of the penis envy mushroom Tupper, you must spray a little mineral water, just soaking the surface of the mycelium.


Although the manufacturer recommends, only add water, when the bread loses productive force, and dries by shrinking.

Add a glass or 2 of water to the bag or propagator, and put the open Tupper inside, already sprayed with water.

The mycelium should not come into contact with the water inside the bag or the propagator.


If you do it in summer, with high temperatures, you will be extremely vigilant, and with gentle sprays you will prevent the mycelium from drying out.


There are some strains that tend to withstand high summer temperatures much better, such as penis envy dosage B + and Golden Teacher.


It is important to maintain a constant temperature and humidity, which avoid loss of moisture in the mycelium.

After each harvest, you will pulverize the surface of the bread every 3-4 days, in order to keep the mycelium in a good state of hydration.